Are You A Controlling Christian Leader?

The Holy Spirit fills and inspires, Satan controls and possesses.

Preachers ought not control people with their positional authority, they ought to strive to inspire folks as the Holy Spirit does. At the end of the day the people of God have been given the free will to make choices. Christian leaders not only need to be receptive to this, they ought to value the freedom found in Christ above all else. In 1 Corinthians 16:12 the Apostle Paul gives us a great example of what this could look like in modern times.

“Now concerning our brother Apollos, I strongly urged him to come to you with the brethren, but he was quite unwilling to come at this time; However, he will come when he has a convenient time.”

Paul never marginalized, demonized, or made strategic attempts to control, manipulate and ostracize Apollos (his junior counterpart) for resisting him, in fact he called him his brother and encouraged the Corinthians to accept him when he did decide to show up.

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