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For as long as I can remember, I’ve seen the world through a rose-colored lense. However, I’ve often encountered people throughout life that I thought could stand to make an adjustment to their attitude. You’ve seen them, they give snappy responses, rolls their eyes, and frequently complain about their circumstances.

I’m not sure why it is that people are this way, but it’s definitely noticeable, and something that I’ve intentionally tried to prevent from taking up residency in my life as the characteristic is very unattractive.

It’s certainly kept me young and, at a minimum, I’ve found that it has given me opportunities in my professional career.

Perhaps it’s not a bad attitude that I’m perceiving, maybe it’s the demeanor of those I encounter that is alarming; If so, I would submit that a bad demeanor is simply the fruit of a deeper root issue that hasn’t been addressed and, as a result, manifests in, what I perceive to be, a bad attitude.

The most successful people I’ve met in life have the best attitudes; they don’t complain, and they certainly don’t come across as rude and irritable.

The young man in the photo I used for this post is a fantastic example. Though he’s faced many challenges, joy oozes from his being — it’s as if an aroma of “life” exudes from him. Why? A choice. Everyday when he wakes up, he chooses to live like he’s already where he wants to be in life even if he’s not.

Furthermore, the young man loves God, and as a result God has blessed him by giving him insight into this life regarding the wonderful things to come.


 This photo is the property of Steven Drinkard at SLAY PHOTOGRAPHY.

I’ve found that most people that have a bad attitude often struggle with something they’re disappointed with in the past; However, it doesn’t have ruin and control your whole life.

I would have been justified in embracing a bad attitude considering the circumstances in my life. I was raised by a single mother in small-town North Carolina. The town we lived in had about 15,000 people and interracial relationships were frowned upon when I was a kid.

Not to mention we were so poor that my siblings and I often all slept in the living room where the only heater was in our six bedroom, two-story house [that has now been demolished due to being unlivable]. There were holes in the floors that we could see through all the way to the ground, and we had rats and roaches.

I certainly could have been angry at the life I was born into as a poor kid without a Dad. But I never went without food, and my mama made sure that the bills were always paid and that I always felt loved. My mama came home everyday smelling like lacquer after a hard days work and the furniture factory, and then took the time laugh and read with me every night.

Because of the fight I saw in my mama, I was inspired to live with a grateful attitude. It motivated me to see life in the most positive light possible even when things were the darkest. Now, regardless of what comes at me, I’m always appreciative because I know that what I have can’t be any worse than where I came from, and I know that I can still have a free smile on my face no matter what!

By reconciling the past, you can move forward in a healthy mental state and enjoy everyday regardless of what life throws at you. It’s not easy, but it is worth it!

One of the saddest things has to be waking up when you’re old and realizing that this life could have been so much more. It all starts with today.

How and why to have a better attitude

1.) God loves you. Yes, He’s real and, yes, He cares about you and wants the best for you.

2.) Choose to overlook the small stuff. If it doesn’t directly effect you, let it go. Like water off a ducks back.

3.) Really, how much longer is it going to take you to get home if you’re patient? The car in front of you isn’t exactly delaying Jesus from cracking the sky; Furthermore you can blow on a rose all day, but you can’t make it bloom. Be patient with others, they’ll get there.

4.) Life is all about undulations — the ups and downs, mountains and valleys. The secret is realizing that you have the most opportunity to grow while you’re in the valley. Plus, think about it, when it rains, all the water flows to the valley floor, and that’s where all of the lush green trees are. Embrace the difficult times as it is your chance to emerge with new strength, wisdom and insight.

5.) This life is short, why waste so much time hating it? The life to come is what we should be focused on. If I’m right in my understanding, at a minimum, the payoff for enduring the pains of this life are far outweighed by the rewards in the one to come.

6.) Since we can’t control every aspect of what happens to us in our lives, it’s impossible to ensure that we’re not ever going to encounter difficulty. Although, we can control how we respond. Choose to make the best of things and have a great attitude. You, your friends, and your family will be grateful for it in the end. 🙂

At the beginning of this post I said that having a positive attitude had given me opportunities on my career path, and it has. I was blessed with the opportunity to be the first person in my family to graduate from college, I’ve been promoted to leadership in nearly every job i’ve ever had, and as a result I’ve been granted the opportunity to travel the country and meet all kinds of wonderful people.

I know it might be cliche, but when life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Then sell it and use the money to buy houses so you can sell them too!

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