Evolution Debunked

Evolution Debunked

Isn’t the whole idea of evolution survival of the fittest? Adaptability? Evolving into something greater than before?

For example, the theory (and it’s just a theory) is that if a brown bear were to make its way up to Alaska, eventually the bears offspring would turn white in order to survive (or something like that), right?

If evolution is true, humans should be evolving into something better, right?

But they haven’t. If we were to look at humanity through an evolutionary lense, humans have devolved into something weaker.

If we all came from a blob originally, where we could have reproduced asexually (a type of reproduction by which offspring arise from a single organism without the assistance of another), humans have been downgraded into needing a partner in order that they might reproduce. According to evolution, humans did not evolve into something greater, rather humans have actually become weak and needy. THIS REFUTES THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION 100%!

The truth is that our need for a partner to reproduce is simply the way humans were designed to reproduce from the beginning.

The problem with so much of science is that today’s facts are tomorrow’s fleeting fiction. Facts seem to always conveniently change in main-stream science.

It has been said that the scientist will eventually realize that he has only just begun to catch up to the Theologian.

And that my friends is how you debunk evolution for your cray cray professors!

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