How To Heal From The Pain Someone Caused You

If you have experienced pain caused by someone else, your heart can be healed.

I’ve seen so many withdraw and isolate themselves because they became paralyzed by thoughts of being subjected to another tragedy. I was one of those people.

Although you were a victim, do not give your perpetrator(s) the power to continuously damage you over and over again in your thought life. Remove all power and forgive them.

It will be hard, but the benefits far outweigh the cost. Forgiveness does not mean that you have to be their best friend, talk to them, or that you will see them ever again. It simply means that you have realized what your life is actually worth and who it is that has already paid the price for it.

Jesus Christ has purchased each of us with his life. He is willing to treat you the way you were created to be treated.

Do not continue to build walls of insulation. Let God heal your wounds so that you can engage again, and rest assured, He will protect you.

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