I Admired Dylan

I admired Dylan, his writing clever

quick quips, illusions to depths and ancient nevers

but to what end?

Dylan may be curious and alluring

but Dylan’s not God and offers no sure thing

where he was strong was not in solution

but rather in imposing why we bathe in social pollution

he did well to inspire chaos, anarchy and dreams that never end

creating utopian vanities, evicting God and philosophizing on lend

I once admired Dylan

but to what end?

history suggests he knew best how only to begin

his revelations quaked, and then the seer

exposed by the pressures that all mortals fear

mysticism touts heights

and falls down utterly short

up is not in its vocabulary, nothing of the sort

because up is on a higher plain

dwelling in a place where glory and righteousness reigns

chasms so high, no chain could ever survive

codes and ancient mysteries

levels and projections

self-discipline and knowledge

chants and channeling

a man not dead, only dies to vain tries

it’s all ludicrous

my problem is not with Dylan, for he’s just a man

but rather with ideas and the souls those ideas scam

posing “innocent” questions do more damage than leave men hopeless

for they offer no path to remission, and stir up anxiety rather than prescribe the necessary prescription

i seen a cat die once — the decaying stench putrid and unclean

just before its death its body writhed in pain

Dylan’s lyrics provoke to that end and nothing more

I’m often reminded of that cat when I see aimless souls groveling like whores

a tiny house you’ll be guilted to move in

still not absolved you’ll wander tirelessly, hair growing thin

pointed lyrics that painted pictures of could be’s

really just summoned foreshadowing’s of men likened to dead soulless trees

colossals perceived still standing

just lifeless timbers held up by other dead things

Dylan’s shrouded fantasies left you empty and cold

how sad to have pursued and only realize when grey and old

Dylan’s empty words were incapable of cleansing your conscience at all

unable to clothe you in holiness worthy of covering it all

heavenly visions

not earthly inquisitions

liberate the soul from weakness and impious (in)tensions

when Jesus gives all that can be written

He gives power to all that can be given

crushed under the weight of His glory

it’s the only way souls retroactively awaken and rise to new stories

it stops up dreg-filled drains of selfish ambition

it burns off dross and constructs perfection

emerging with gilded new wine

forged in fire before the dawn of time

trains of majestic glory strong enough to persuade the rich, poor & blind

to leave the past in the past

and the behind behind

glorious and fiery piercings from the throne dwellers eyes

bears identity not worked for to be displayed on Saints thighs

we all want power and revelation that frees us

cry His name aloud and see what happens when you say Jesus

I, too, once admired Dylan

but truth and power forever remain apart from that just a man

join arms with me brothers, and sing a new song

declare Christ’s rule and be made whole

every devil will flee

and darkness will tremble

at the name above all names

Jesus, our Lord and only Savior!

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