Leadership Tips

Leadership Tips #17

Leaders must recognize that making colossal strides could draw out hidden fears on a team; however, those strides should be able to be made without hesitation within the team. Leaders must display sound judgement multiple times in smaller cases in order for them to have an indwelling mental and emotional support during times of tougher decision making. Expanding the business, implementing a new system, taking on a new project, or embracing a radical idea all have a forerunner — trust. Before Mom will ever let Uncle Bob take her son to the race track, or to the shooting range, without resistance, Uncle Bob has to have shown that he’s alert, concerned for her sons safety, and prepared to overcome any challenge that may come about. A team needs to experience small wins with their leaders in order for them to trust that the leader will execute in tougher projects with the same soundness that does not put the vision or the team in jeopardy.

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