One Distinguishing Characteristic Of Greatness

Never stop dreaming. The moment we get comfortable (i.e. accept the cushy job as the last one you’ll ever have, thinking the fat contract is all you’ll ever need etc.) is the moment we remove the grandeur of God. The moment we stop believing that God is capable of accomplishing the impossible in our lives is the moment we cease from moving towards the mark of greatness.

That childlike wonder that once inspired us to risk everything for the sake of succeeding is what shakes the world to it’s core. Because of life’s wounds, sometimes we have to work diligently to remember the tasks we were commissioned with and do whatever it takes to move forward. One of the characteristics of greatness is being willing to rip off the arm in order to save the body.

Are you free?

If you’re satisfied you’re likely to never change the world. Only death can stop a man compelled by a heavenly vision from pursuing his dream. What do you call a man that wants nothing and fears no one? DANGEROUS!

Shake yourselves and get out of the rut! When folks offer you the world, pack up your things and go to war protecting that which inspires you to pursue greatness!

Are you free? If you wonder what I mean by free, I would argue that a free man doesn’t even have to ask.

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