Reasons We Need The Bible

Reasons We Need The Bible #2

Now I’m not the smartest guy in the world, but if the entirety of this whole mess is to know what God wants us to do, then would it not make sense to read the words of the most significant person in history to ever talk about Him – Jesus Christ? 

And if you don’t think Jesus is significant, 1.) Time as we know it is literally split in half based on the death of Jesus Christ (BC/AD). Furthermore, 2.)  no legitimate scholar that wants to be taken seriously disagrees that Jesus’ sermon on the mount is by far the most intellectually and psychologically sound call to action ever written. 3.) The man was killed and hung on a cross for making the claim that He was/is from God, was/is God. 

Is there really any more thought provoking reasons to look into Jesus? 

Having said that, can you name a place where more words about the life of Jesus Christ has been documented? I’ll wait.

To me, not being that bright of a guy, those seem to be pretty darn good reasons for the existence of the Bible.

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