The Answer Isn’t More

the answer isn’t more 

of the same 

another bite 

self indulgence, the distraction 

a life of pain? A life befallen by sight?

my mind can’t capture the treasures or put in a box 

what’s hidden in the deep crevasses or satisfy the fox

His spirit knows

my spirit hears

His spirit knows

my spirit feels

the mind in this old body can’t move fast enough 

to navigate through the canyons and craft-i-nuss

the mind in this old body can’t slow down enough 

to communicate what I’ve seen on the way He wraps us up

i can speak what I hear but 

no-one else can hear or see

i can preach what I see but

no-one wants to hear and can’t believe

my spirit stretches for the light

to bring it all to the surface

holding out a masterpiece

to proclaim that this thing called God isn’t mad with us

disappointed? perhaps. 

mad? How could He be? 

He’s the One pulling the strings that is you and me 

now I’m no pac-i-fust,

believe in going big or bust

you still don’t get it, do you?

you can’t be crushed if you’re just dust! 

the answer isn’t more 

of the same 

or another bite

the craftsman made a masterpiece in you

stronger than the pawn, bishop, rook, king, queen or knight 

i see in slow speed

how we were designed set free 

but communicating it requires more than the best of all of me 

something supernatural is needed to pierce through it all

filling this fleshly belly does nothing to help at all

no, the answer isn’t more 

of the same 

or another bite

Holy Spirit, quicken our minds and help sharpen our swords

awaken this giant and equip us with the word of the Lord!

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