Existence of God

The Existence Of God Is Not A Human Idea

If the existence of God is merely a compilation of the ideas of man, then why is it that man created the God of the Bible – a God that comes across as being so holy that man is incapable of reaching Him due to the unholiness of the man that created the holy God?

If man, in his scheming, were to create a God, it would seem that his god would be far more similar to the mythological gods found among the ancient Greeks – gods known for fornication and tyrannical behavior.

The fact that the God of the Bible exists as a concept only speaks to the reality of that being the one true God – a God that is the manifestation of love, one who is wholly undefiled, and the God willing to break through the universe to love the unholy man and bring him close to Himself for all of eternity!

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