We understand that we have been forgiven; therefore we will be intentional about dispersing grace to those we encounter throughout our journey.


We are who we say we are, and we always do the right thing regardless of expediency!


We are motivated by God eternal vision to be with His people! As a result, our decisions are often filtered through an eternal lense before executed.


Since God has given us His best, in that He sent His son to die that we may live, we will attempt to honor God with our lives by working with a spirit of excellence.


We were designed to do life with others, and New Life Development Center believes that relationships are an integral part of the Christian faith. As such, we intentionally focus on building healthy relationships with the Body of Christ as that is one of the ways in which God reveals new aspects of who He is and what He is capable of doing to the world. 


The Holy Spirit is the purveyor of all things supernatural. And since the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity being equal with both Jesus Christ the God-man and God the Father, we embrace all that He is and does.