talk about being woke

but don’t know what woke is

the church hates people — 

weaponizes sins, calls folks fags and queers

muslims throw’em off buildings, and then calls’em weird 

if you knew what woke is

and did what Christ did

there would be no muslim führers preying on your kids

or border souls going rogue to risk crossing man-made insulations of fear 

if you were woke you would know what love is

there would be no fascniation with the pleasures of sin

there would be no appetite for the media to pretend to defend

ears so stuffed with garbage you can’t hear what love is

so love broke you can’t afford what woke is

life full of pain 

drenched in malice and unforgiveness’s

you can’t possibly know what woke is

when your games full of criticism and lovelessness

life full of routines and rituals

never leads to where woke is

broken pieces of soft pastels

bound binding with blind

not bound to greatness or bonding with sound minds

painting visions with broken promises and empty rhymes 

lives left in carnage cause you don’t know what real hope is

keep carvin up souls tryna make profit like its a biznesss

women and children out here weeping cause they less than fatherless 

praying and hoping for a time when the pain finally ends

looking for somebody to lead’em to hope more loyal than the closest friend promised to them 

but ima be right here listening-in 

cause i wanna know what woke does for my sins

hopefully more than just an outward cleanse

dreaming of days when power comes again

and then love comes rushing to cover a multitude of sins

but until then…

i choose to sleep in

till y’all figure out when & where in Hell woke even begins

messianic bounty crafted for weak men

messianic bounty been withheld for rich & inglorious men

held up to be visions of hope for all men

used, washed, rinsed, and still not distributed to poor men

hashtagging woke on instagram

and yet withholding the grace to forgive the sins that hold back men

you talk about being woke

but don’t know what woke is my friend

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